a surrogate using a syringe during her IVF surrogacy journey

IVF Surrogacy: How Does IVF And Surrogacy Work Together?

Despite its increasing popularity as a method for growing families worldwide, there are still many misconceptions and stereotypes around IVF and surrogacy. We’re here to dispel the myths about this common form of assisted reproductive technology…
a surrogate holding a block heart by her pregnant belly

The History Of Surrogacy: When Did Surrogacy Start?

Surrogacy as we know it today really has only been around since the 1980s, but infertility and pregnancy loss have been around for centuries, making it hard to pinpoint when surrogacy started. One thing is for sure: it has evolved tremendously…
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Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy in MN

Many intended parents have grown their families with the help of fantastic surrogates in the state of Minnesota. While it has yet to introduce specific laws around surrogacy, Minnesota still reliably permits the practice and is known across…
A surrogacy breastfeeding blog cover image by IARC Surrogacy Agency of a baby grabbing milk

The Complete Guide To Breastfeeding, Pumping, And Surrogacy

Feeding a newborn can be a complex and challenging journey for any new mother. When beginning your journey to breastfeed or pump for your baby born from surrogacy, remember to have patience and reasonable expectations upfront.  If…
Surrogacy Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Blog Cover

6 Surrogate Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whether you’ve just received the good news that your surrogate is pregnant or you are just beginning your surrogacy journey, congratulations! A surrogate pregnancy announcement is an exciting time to celebrate a long-awaited milestone…
What is Altruistic Surrogacy

Altruistic Surrogacy: What Does It Mean?

A surrogacy journey takes a big heart and indescribable selflessness. Some surrogates are willing to embark on a surrogacy journey for very low compensation or without compensation at all in order to help make the surrogacy process…
How to choose the best Surrogacy agency

How Much Do Surrogates Make? Surrogate Pay and Compensation

If you’re considering becoming a Surrogate, you’re already an amazing person. Thinking of helping others to build their family is an incredible thing to consider. One of the most common and first questions is: “How much do Surrogates…
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How to Be a Good LGBTQ Ally: 5 Ways to Support The Community

Despite the immense progress that has been made in recent years towards equal rights for LGBTQ people, the community is still hugely affected by hate crimes, discrimination, and harmful biases. In order to achieve equal rights and fair…
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How Does Surrogacy Work? The 7-Step Journey

Whether you’re looking to become a surrogate and carry a baby for someone else, or you are an intended parent looking for a surrogate yourself, this guide will walk you through the most important steps to take when considering surrogacy.  For…