INSIDE IARC- Ruthie Dixon

Ruthie is our Lead Surrogate Coordinator and has been a part of the IARC family since she first became an IARC surrogate in 2014. She started working here in 2017 after her second surrogacy journey. She helps lead the team that educates women on the surrogacy process and helps them throughout the screening process.

Have a coworker describe you. 

Lead Program Coordinator Kim had this to say about Ruthie:

“Take a deep breath and read this all at once: Ruthie is a fast paced, Energizer Bunny who can be found dancing and singing the day away to (her fave) Third Eye Blind, Glee, or any Broadway hit, bouncing on her exercise ball, on top her treadmill computer desk thingamajig while typing up an email, responding to team messages, and chatting with our surro community. She’s got a heart of gold, she always puts others before herself, and her passion is surrogacy.”

What is the best part about your job or why you love working for IARC?

I love working for IARC because I work with amazing people every single day. They inspire me and support me and love me and I can only hope I do the same for them. It takes all of us to help build families and we truly do it as a team. I’m blessed to have been able to do four surrogacy journeys myself and it’s been some of the best experiences of my life.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I am OBSESSED with Chesapeake Bay candles. “Joy & Laughter” and “Confidence & Freedom” may be the best scents ever created.

If you could do someone else’s job in IARC for a day, who would it be and why?

Anyone but Destiny. I dislike accounting greatly. 

Three things I would struggle to live without are……………………..

My kids, sense of humor, & music (My Philadelphia Eagles are right at the top too!)

When not in the office, you can find me…………….

Either working my other job at Target (shout out to store t-2300 and t-3!), playing Mario Kart with my kids, or singing and dancing in my living room.  Let’s be honest though, I’m singing a good portion of the time no matter what else I’m doing.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A professional skater. I thought I was going to be the next Debi Thomas or Katarina Witt and switch from roller skating to ice skating. Clearly the universe had other plans.