Karlie Bigelow

Karlie joined IARC after her 3rd surrogacy journey. Previously she worked in mental health and childcare. She is a lifelong Minnesotan who loves the way the first big snowfall of the year blankets the world in quiet and peacefulness. She and her Husband have 3 wonderful children who have loved being a part of her surrogacy journeys! For the most part her kids’ activities keep their family pretty busy but when she does have free time she loves to read and do yoga. Her love and passion for surrogacy comes in second place only to her love and devotion for her kids. Playing even a small role in the experience someone has with surrogacy is such a tremendous privilege and honor. She becomes emotionally invested and truly wants to help in any way she can. In her last job she was known as the “office Mom” because she was truly invested in everyone on her team and loved offering support when ever possible.