Dawn Gerold

Dawn is passionate about “helping people”, plain and simple. In every aspect of her life, she strives to be the person that quietly steps in to help anyone and everyone she crosses paths with. Sometimes it’s the little things, like carrying groceries to an elderly shopper’s car, and other times it’s big things, like carrying twins for a couple that couldn’t have the family of their dreams without help. Before the birth of her own children, Jaeger and Makenna, she suffered a miscarriage that changed her life forever. She was fortunate to have no further complications while building her family but says that she never forgets the way she felt during that difficult time, and promised herself that she would help another family struggling with fertility if she was able. Dawn fulfilled that promise when she carried twins as a surrogate with IARC in 2013. She had such a positive experience, both as a surrogate and working with IARC that she hoped to someday continue her passion for surrogacy by working for IARC. In the years that passed, she worked in various healthcare roles, always finding ways to serve people and provide help wherever needed, and she was thrilled when the opportunity to work for IARC became a reality. She loves sharing her experience and insight with surrogates and guiding them through the early stages of their journey. Dawn has been happily married to the love of her life, Jason, for 26 years. She recently moved to Ramsey, purchasing the perfect home for her tight-knit family with a “Mother-in-law suite” so they could fulfill their dream of her parents living independently with them. Her hobbies include spending time with her kids and parents, boating, tending to her massive vegetable garden, archery, watching MMA and enjoying craft brews and spirits.