Krista Peterson

Krista was born and raised in Finland before living in England for four years with her husband. She then moved to Minnesota in 2016. She tries to visit her friends and family back home in Finland as often as she can. Krista is not only a wife but a mother of two dogs, Rogue and Hank, and a cat named Cloud. Her hobbies include crafts, knitting, going to the gym, reading, movies, and playing video games. Although she also likes nature and hiking, she would eat pizza every day if she could! Krista knew she wanted to work at IARC so that she could be a part of helping to create families. She has an understanding for the parents and appreciation for the surrogates as she is unable to have kids herself. Krista is kind, easy-going, and funny and IARC is lucky to have her as part of our family.