What makes IARC’s Surrogacy Community unique?


At IARC, we work hard every day to make sure that common misconceptions about surrogacy are never the case. IARC surrogates make up a generous and altruistic community full of support and love.  We care about every one of our surrogates, we know all their names, and have developed a connection throughout their journey that keeps them a part of our IARC family for years to come.

We have a Facebook Group exclusive to IARC surrogates, and there you will not find any of the social media negativity that has become typical. Our surrogates, both new and seasoned, chat there, post updates, and ask questions. It is a wonderful informative resource and an amazing community of support. Every lady included has been or is a gestational surrogate, and they will make it known that they are rooting for success in every journey! This achievement is not taken lightly, because we all know how much effort goes in to making the dream of a family a reality.

At IARC it is of utmost importance to us to make sure our surrogates sincerely feel that they matter, because they do! We want them to know just how special they are! Our staff make efforts daily to be sure our surrogates feel safe, cared for, and listened to. They will never pressure them and will always respect their wishes and beliefs. We are always happy to help with questions, assistance, or concerns. We are approachable, available, and quick to respond.  

Just as importantly, we are expert at what we do, made up of a team of unique individuals with differing knowledge and experience, all motivated by the same passion to help others come together to build families.  Our surrogates can feel confident that the process is being coordinated ethically and securely for them behind the scenes while they enjoy the connection they build with their intended parents.

IARC hosts two social events annually to celebrate our surrogates and the extraordinary people they are. We never want the commitment and gift they are giving to go unrecognized. This goes beyond appreciating them as “clients.”  We appreciate the people they are, the heart they have, and very importantly, the families that support them through the process.  Surrogates and their families are family to us, and we host these two events as a way of saying THANK YOU and to let them know that we will always offer ourselves as a support system for our surrogate community.






At IARC, when we say, “Expert Surrogacy From the Heart,” we mean it!