a cover for what to know about surrogacy in teh state of Minnesota

Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy in MN

a cover for what to know about surrogacy in teh state of Minnesota

Many intended parents have grown their families with the help of fantastic surrogates in the state of Minnesota. While it has yet to introduce specific laws around surrogacy, Minnesota still reliably permits the practice and is known across the country as a surrogacy-friendly state.

IARC continues to help pave the way by empowering and supporting aspiring surrogates and intended parents with up-to-date information on all state laws. To ensure you’re prepared for your surrogacy journey, continue reading to learn what to expect as a surrogate in Minnesota

Why Become a Surrogate in MN?

Women nationwide express countless motivations for becoming a surrogate. Those who choose to become surrogates are generally deeply altruistic, enjoy pregnancy, and find helping a family in need inspirational. 

The same remains true for women in Minnesota, specifically; perhaps even more so because we believe “Minnesota Nice” is a thing. In spite of the fact that there are no laws about surrogacy in Minnesota, gestational surrogacy is safely practiced. Minnesota has developed a legal framework based specifically on the steps and procedures developed over the years by IARC’s director, Steven Snyder. These procedures specifically protect and support the surrogacy process. Until it is passed as an official law, that framework is used as a basis for surrogacy agreements (with the assistance of an attorney). 

What is it Like to be a Surrogate in Minnesota?

Each surrogate’s experience is bound to differ, as it’s influenced by your community, agency, intended parents, and much more. Still, IARC surrogates have stated time and again that their journeys were full of joy, love, and unrelenting optimism. 

Local surrogate Lisa shared her story of surrogacy in MN with IARC. She recalls her experience as a surrogate…

Being a surrogate has made me feel like I’m a part of something BIG and life changing. It has forever changed me.

Lisa, Minnesota Surrogate

Lisa was endlessly thankful for the support of her IARC team, describing her experience as “one of the best decisions I could have made. I never felt alone in any part of the process.”

male intended parents sitting with their surrogate

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid in MN?

So, how much do surrogates get paid in Minnesota? It depends. IARC believes that each surrogate should determine the value of the time, effort, and health risks entailed in the surrogacy process when balanced against intended parents’ ability to pay. IARC makes sure that intended parents have reasonable expectations about any compensation to Minnesota surrogates beyond expenses and in consideration of the selflessness required to carry a baby to term for parents in need. Compensation is generally paid in addition to the actual expenses incurred throughout the process. Such expenses may include, among others:

  • Medical expenses, such as the IVF cost in MN, medication, C-section, etc.
  • Household and personal expenses, such as childcare, lost wages, and housekeeping
  • Miscellaneous needs, such as maternity clothing

In addition to the above expenses, surrogates typically receive a reasonable monthly allowance for non-receipted expenses from the time they sign their contract until two months post-birth.

a surrogate holding a surrogate form

What is Covered by a Surrogacy Contract in MN and Across the United States?

Although there are no surrogacy laws in Minnesota, surrogacy contracts have always been and remain enforceable. A well-drafted, legally protective surrogacy agreement should adhere to the following standards in the state where the surrogate lives:

  • Specify each party’s intentions and desires as clearly as possible, especially the parties’ mutual intent regarding the parentage of the child
  • Articulate roles and responsibilities for each party in as much detail as possible
  • Include legal and financial provisions (don’t forget surrogacy insurance)
  • Cover contractual rights, expectations, penalties, and obligations of the agreement in depth
  • Detail the plan for delivery
  • Articulate agreements on sensitive issues (i.e., selective reduction and termination) 

a surrogate holding a paper cutout of a family

Minnesota Surrogacy Laws

As a surrogacy-friendly state, Minnesota is a great place to be a surrogate. Despite that, not all surrogacy agencies are created equal. Because of this, it’s essential that you choose a transparent agency like IARC that walks you through each step of the process to ensure that each and every detail is accounted for and nothing falls through the cracks. IARC manages every aspect of the surrogacy process so you don’t have to.

Can Parents Outside the US Complete a Surrogacy Journey in MN?

Parents outside the United States are absolutely eligible to participate in a gestational surrogacy agreement. Whether IARC happily supports families worldwide with the help of Minnesota surrogates. As noted by IARC Dads “O & N:” 

IARC has been our guardian angels for four years! Thanks to having the American Dream come true, and we are now a family of 4 with adorable twins! The Minnesota twins!

O & N, IARC Surrogate Dads

Are There Laws That Impact Same-Sex Couples’ Access to Surrogacy in MN?

Neither existing nor proposed laws specifically cover same-sex couples’ eligibility to access surrogacy in Minnesota. However, it is well known that Minnesota has a very supportive and fostering environment for same-sex couples which has been recently strengthened with facilitation legislation and the remarks in the 2016 Legislative Commission on Surrogacy report. Minnesota considers itself a welcoming home to same-sex couples, including their journey toward parenthood. 

three IARC surrogates smiling with each other

Become a Surrogate in MN with IARC

IARC is dedicated to empowering intended parents and surrogates throughout their journeys. From the moment you commit to being a surrogate to long after birth, you will always remain a treasured member of our surrogate community, and we’ll be right by your side to ensure you’re as secure and confident as possible. Plus, IARC’s leadership has been fighting for inclusive surrogacy legislation within the state of Minnesota and across the nation for years. Now and forever, we have your best interests at heart.

Ready to begin your surrogacy journey in Minnesota? Learn how to become a surrogate in MN and if you meet the requirements.